Dance Area No
Air-conditioned Yes
Stereo System No
Overnight Accom. Yes
Projector / Screen No
Area of Cruising on Sydney Harbour
Suitable for 10-49 guests

Product Description

With its sleek, modern lines and contemporary design, Tango is indeed one of the sleekest vessels on Sydney harbour.


While most vessels on the Sydney Harbour are known for their grandeur and opulence, Tango stands out as the most modern vessel with clean lines and a super smooth finish. The great detailing that has gone into designing this corporate vessel adds to its panache.


Suitable for 10-49 guests, Tango is a six star fit-out and a seven star outlook. The makers of tango have not spared any expenses in making it look chic and sexy and well equipped to provide ultimate luxury to the guests. Tango is 37 metres of absolute pleasure!

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Tango carries a twenty one foot tender and three kayaks for water sports as well as a sauna and spa cater for those who wish to relax and rejuvenate their senses. These facilities are perfect for high profile corporate guests, important international clients or for self use.


This corporate vessel can accommodate 10 guests overnight, or 49 guests on a Sydney Harbour cruise. It is available for sale as well as for hourly and extended charter. It is well equipped with all modern facilities that ensure a super luxurious and ultra comfortable stay for the guests. It is air conditioned and has a great quality sound system and TV/VCR for entertainment. Overnight accommodation can also be arranged on board.


Enjoy the awe inspiring scenery around or party like a rock star, the Tango can be customised to fit your bill completely! So what are you waiting for? Be prepared to indulge yourself in sheer luxury. This is an experience you would hate to forget!


Enjoy Your Sydney Harbour Cruise on board Tango

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